Friday, July 19, 2013

We Will Sing To Everything The Stories Of Where We Have Been

This Monday I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this past weekend. It was not out of the ordinary, but that's what made it so special, and I always want to remember these times. Lately weekends have been full, in the best way. My friends are some of my favorite people in the world, and to able to spend time with them every weekend is one of the best things. We have formed little traditions that have become what I look forward to the most throughout the week.

The weekend started by running errands with Cheryl for a Friday cocktail & crafting night. It was so much fun. We spent too much time making delicious blueberry/lavender/gin cocktails. We attempted making fruit leather, which didn't work out so well, but was pretty amusing. We mod-podged pretty paper to Cheryl's light switch covers (which turned out beautifully) while watching season 6 of Buffy. So, pretty much the perfect Friday night.

We woke up and walked to Voula's to meet our friends for friend breakfast, which has been a tradition since this Winter. It makes Saturday mornings really great. After breakfast, I traveled with my mom, two brothers, and my brother's new girlfriend to see family that I hadn't seen in 5+ years. I was a little nervous about it, but it was a wonderful get together. My aunt made a whole spread of traditional Philippine foods, which were incredible, and she also made the best "that's what she said" joke that' I'll never remember. I tried out my little brother's longboard, which was pretty amusing. On the way home we listened to RadioLab and all geeked out about the incredible sunset together.

On Sunday I had a small pool party, which really just ended up being Dan, Cheryl, and me, but it was so much fun. I made lavender lemonade in my new giant mason jar dispenser. We grilled, we swam, we made s'mores, we played boggle, and it was the greatest.

I never want to forget this season of my life and all of things that have brought so much happiness to it. The Saturday morning friend breakfasts, Saturday afternoon band practices, Friday night bowling, Sunday pool parties, Tuesday night trivia, taking myself on solo dates, Friday afternoons at the coffee shop with my brother, Saturday night Catan club, photo adventures with my little brother, Dr. Mario competitions, Saturday night sleepovers on my brother's couch followed by Sunday morning hangouts, listening to podcasts on my commute to work, writing music with some of my best friends/favorite musicians, grilling potlucks, and just plain hanging out with the best people on the planet.

*all photos in this post were taken with my iPhone

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  1. you have such a beautiful blog, so happy I stumbled across it. lovely pics too :)