Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Dreamt That All My Old Friends Got Together Again, At A Potluck Or Something Somewhere That We'd Never Been

Well, here I am, breaking the silence once again. It felt so overwhelming for a while to try to juggle a blog while going to school full time and working, so I took a long break. Lately, I have missed blogging so much. It's nice to write, and get feelings out onto a page and documented to be able to revisit them. This last month has been difficult in a lot of ways, and I felt all sorts of down on myself. Today life is finally taking a turn for the better. I was flooded with gratitude out of the blue, for a beautiful time in my life that I'd managed to forget about for a long while. I think that keeps it safer in a way.

Today I walked to my lab partner's house in Geneseo. It felt all too familiar, and when we got closer I asked which one she lived in. She said it was the one with the red door. The one I had been to many times before, and I never thought I'd visit again. A place where blurry memories were created, and forgotten. Today I remembered what it was like to be nineteen, sitting on that porch, waiting for a house show, eating a potluck, and meeting new people who turned into great friends. Most importantly I was reminded where I've been, and who I was, and who I am, and how it's all led me to right here. I feel so lucky for all that I've experienced, and all that I have yet to experience. This life is so strange, yet so wonderful.

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