Thursday, March 22, 2012

You Fell In Love With The Sunshine

Lately my days have all looked a lot like this.

We've been having insane March weather this week. It's incredible and a little sad at the same time.
I absolutely love transitional seasons. I'm all about Spring and Autumn. Sure, the air smells sweet like Spring, but it feels a little too much like Summer. I just don't want Spring to pass on by without making a proper appearance - that's all. It's really hard to complain though, because I've been dreaming about warm weather for a while now.

Anyway, this week has been beautiful and wonderful
Last week was my Spring Break, but it didn't feel like much of one as I was on tour the whole time (which was fun, but entirely exhausting).
That being said I decided that I was going to sort of make my own Spring Break out of this gorgeous week. I mean, you can't expect a girl to stay inside and stay focused when it's sunny, warm, and everything's blooming, right?!

Well, I've really made the best of the week so far! How, you ask?! I've just gotten really good at ignoring all of the school stuff that usually stresses me out. I mean, sometimes you just need a good mental health

Here are the things that have made this week so great:
I treated myself to an apple-dominated lunch to make my Monday happier.
I met up with my pal Larkin and we went for a walk to the park and went on the swings.
I've spent the last three days laying on a quilt under the shade of a tree, near a log cabin, with a soft breeze blowing. For hours on end. It makes the time that I spend at school waiting for my next class so relaxing.
I also read the most wonderful comic: Asterios Polyp. I highly recommend it. Everything about it is incredible: the story, characters and the artwork. Plus, I definitely related to Hana, the main female character quite a bit.
During these lazy Spring adventures I indulged in a few of these French Toast Bagels, which I just discovered. They taste exactly how you think they would taste, and they're amazing.
Today I also had a picnic for one.
I really wish my Ben could have been with me with all my downtime at school, but it was really nice to have some much-needed time alone too. 

It's pretty incredible when the hardest part of your afternoon is finally deciding to stand up, put your shoes on, and go get lunch after lying on a blanket in the grass for two hours.
Ben and I also grilled in the dark with our good friends/downstairs neighbors Nick & Cheryl!
We also scored this really cute love seat on the curb near our house and it's the perfect final touch to my workspace. I love it. I'm looking forward to sunny, summer naps here soon. 
And this is how my day looks right about now meow. 
My week has really been just a blur of pastel blues and pinks as you can see. Oh, and sorry for the mass amounts of instagrams. I really just can't stop lately. I hope that's okay with you guys.

- Hannah

Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm Going Traveling : Winter Tour

We're going on tour starting today!
This will be my first tour, so I'm really excited about that, plus I get to spend nine days with some really great people.
I spent last night rolling a bunch of t-shirt scrolls to get ready!
I'm in a band called The Wallpaper, and here is our latest video:

We're touring with my brother's band Routine Involvements. You can watch them here:

If you liked those videos you can find more from The Wallpaper here, and more from Routine Involvements here.
Ahhh I'm so excited!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We've Shared The Air For Three Years Now

Today is our anniversary!
I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend the last three years with.
I mean, seriously, a guy who gets me a bouquet of kaleidoscopes instead of flowers?! There's a keeper.
Off to spend a wonderful day with this guy.