Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tell Me The Season's Almost Over, I Can Wait : Winter Mix Vol. 1

I should be frantically studying right now, but instead I am treating myself to a slow-paced fresh grapefruit/black cherry greek yogurt/cafĂ© mocha breakfast while reading my favorite blogs. I wish every morning could start like this. 
Last year I decided I wanted to start making seasonal mixes for the following reasons:
  • First of all, I love making mixes. I love the whole process - from choosing songs, to finding the best order for them, to making the cover art. I just really enjoy it.
  • Secondly, I really wanted to try to document the music I like at the different stages of my life so I can enjoy them when I'm older (and share them with my kids someday). I can't help but document things. It's so important to me. 
  • Third, I decided it would be fun to share these mixes with my friends and family. So after working on it slowly for a couple months, I finally finished my Winter Mix Vol. 1
You can download it here, by clicking on 'file' and then 'download' (found below the file name).

Here's the Winter Vol. 1 track listing:

If you're interested in the autumn mix I made last year, you can download it here.
Here's the track listing for Autumn Vol. 1:
In other news, here are my highlights as of late:

I got a new car!
It's sad to say goodbye to my first car. We've traveled to Colorado and back, over mountains, highways, and back country roads together. On the other hand it's super exciting to drive a vehicle with two working speakers, a clock, a sunroof, and 4 doors - talk about luxury!
I got a 98 on my first accounting exam! I don't really tend to talk about my grades to anyone (besides my parents and Ben), but this semester has been a constant struggle, so it feels really good to be succeeding at something!
I got a few beautiful, handmade pieces in the mail a couple weeks ago from Vanilla & Lace (thanks to my awesome mom), and I absolutely love them. 
I made these Cake Batter Milkshakes, and they were delicious.
Ben and I have made Tuesday evenings our weekly date night! Last week we made a pizza together, ate bunny gummies with ice cream, and started watching Freaks & Geeks.
And to top it all off - I had a fresh made Belgian Waffle for lunch at work on Sunday!

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